About Us

our history

Stucco & Co. is the outcome of many years of trade and construction experience, attention to customer satisfaction, quality control and an urgent desire for perfection. We seek to impress our clients with our quality, never too concerned about the quantity of the work we do, and we take great pride in all of our projects, no matter the size.

Stucco and Co. was co-founded by Michael Smith and Lars Caglan. Here’s a little about our founders: 

toronto gta stucco contractors
toronto gta stucco contractors

Michael entered the stucco industry at a very young age in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He worked with prestigious and well known construction companies all across Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto.

As he progressed and perfected his skills, it was then that he realized the low standards of work quality of the companies he was working with. This experience led Michael to part ways with the larger corporations and give his craft the time and respect it deserved.

He began by freelancing, taking on a lot of projects, repairing exteriors, some of which included projects from his previous employers. He quickly grew by providing the best quality work to his new clients, with proper materials and EIFS systems; gaining their trust with honesty, hardworking habits, and efficiency.

Lars Caglan, Michael’s brother-in-law, has a background in various construction fields. He took his life skills and a great deal of experience in the manufacturing industry, and proceeded to get a formal education in construction.

Once he re-entered the construction industry he worked for a number of large companies and smaller independent builders for several years. His main focus while doing so was in stucco and exterior work.

Like Michael, Lars found himself looking for a better way of providing his services to his clients. Michael and Lars then combined their talents to lead Stucco and Co. and provide extensive product knowledge, field experience and an abundant amount of industry insight to every project. Striving to create a new level of customer satisfaction and installation quality.

our mission

  • Take Pride In Our Work
  • Responsible Workmanship
  • Safety Driven
  • Accountable Management
  • Constant Quality Control
  • Best Products and Materials
  • Always by your Side – Installation and 24-hr Repair Service
  • Solution Based
toronto gta stucco contractors

At Stucco & Co., we work by our mission, by only using our own crews, we don’t give piece work out to other companies no matter how big or small the project. Michael works on the site as well as supervises the crew and materials. Lars predominantly handles the business activities of the company, sales and estimations. 

This ensures everything is always in the control of Stucco & Co. This ensures the highest quality, making sure things get done right and on time. If there are hurdles to jump, we don’t take the shortcut, which makes itself evident in our workmanship. 

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