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stucco repairs & resurfacing

Decorative and durable, stucco is a popular exterior for homes and businesses. While it is meant to last for an extensive period of time, the time will come when stucco needs to be repaired. Common repairs include but are not limited to: fixing cracks and blisters, patching holes & resurfacing.

These repairs will make your stucco look like new and fortunately, they are both quick and inexpensive to complete.

Holes, Cracks & Blisters in Stucco

While not as common, stucco walls can get holes in them. Typically, this occurs if something heavy hits the stucco, but it can also happen from settling. Holes must be repaired immediately, since they leave an area of the wall exposed that can lead to a great deal of structural damage.

When a structure settles, stucco can crack. If the cracks aren’t fixed immediately, the stucco can blister. Blistering stucco is a sign that water has gotten in between the stucco and the wall that’s underneath the stucco. The deteriorated area can be removed and of course, cracks and blisters can be repaired. We have perfected our process and are able to repair the cracks and blisters in a way that will allow for additional settling. That way, cracks and blisters will not reappear.


While some cracks, blisters and holes can be repaired individually, you can also resurface the stucco. This is the process of putting a new layer of stucco on the existing stucco surface. Resurfacing is a long term solution and a great investment. It will make the wall more resistant to cracks, blisters, and holes, and this will transfer to money savings in the long run.


Top 3 Reason to Resurface Stucco:

  1. New design – fresh new look
  2. To address multiple deteriorating parts
  3. To add to the lifespan of the exterior walls

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