Stucco has design flexibility and there are many textures and colours available. Stucco is durable, long lasting and low maintenance. Unlike vinyl siding, stucco can be painted. Stucco is more economical than other high end finishes such as Hardie board.

Stucco and Co. has a variety of options for your home exterior. We carry several textures and colours of quality products. Stucco and Co. can provide you with the stucco choice that best suits your needs.



The primary benefit is the wide range of options, both in colours and textures, available in stucco. You can select a colour that helps your business to stand out, or you can select something that is a subtle nod to your brand colours. You can also decide on a texture that will make your commercial building appear to be finished with distinguished character.



Stucco is convenient for both home and commercial applications in GTA because it is durable and easy to repair and maintain. The initial work is relatively quick, so you won't experience a lot of down time while you finish the exterior of the building. And when you do need repairs or if you want a fresh colour, the update will not be expensive. You won't have to replace everything just because of a patch that was damaged or stained.






Designing with manufactured stone ensures the uniqueness of your project. Manufactured stone is superior in withstanding the effects of the sun, water and natural wear over time.

Manufactured stone has been increasingly popular in both residential and commercial projects. Increased cost savings, ease of installation and durability has a created a rise in its popularity.

Manufactured stone is the ultimate combination of nature and technology, ideal for interior and exterior applications. Manufactured stone veneer is an excellent solution for the installation process while decreasing costs.

From smooth to rugged textures, small to large sizes, tightly-stacked ledge stone to blends of ledge and thin veneer, your choices are endless. Visual appeal is very important to the image of a business or the feel of a home, and should be a factor in choosing the right stone. The architectural style of the project will also help define the most suitable type of stone for the application.





At Stucco & Co. , we offer a wide range of architectural form mouldings for commercial and residential applications and many more. No matter how complex your design or ideas, our extensive product selection practically guarantees that we'll have the ideal profile to match your specific design requirements.
Let your house stand out from your neighbours and take advantage of our highly affordable and elegant exterior moulding. All of our exterior products are designed to withstand the harshest of outdoor environments. While giving the details of your home the attention they deserve to add those finishing touches on your home.
EPS Expanded Polystyrene wrapped in a flexible, impact resistant fiberglass mesh coated with a polymer modified, flexible cement coating, every piece within the collection has a consistent quality and finish that is not only resistant to cracking, delaminating, weather damage, decay and insects, our mouldings are designed and engineered for complete compatibility and usage with a wide range of exterior surfaces.




Decorative and durable, stucco is a popular exterior for homes and businesses. While it is meant to hold up over the long term, the time will come when stucco needs to be repaired. Common repairs include: Fixing cracks and blisters, Patching holes & Resurfacing

These repairs will make your stucco look like new and fortunately they are both quick and inexpensive to complete.


When a structure settles, stucco can crack. If the cracks aren't fixed immediately, the stucco can blister. That's a sign that water has gotten in between the stucco and the wall that's underneath the stucco. The deteriorated area can be removed and cracks and blisters can be repaired. An experienced stucco contractor will repair the cracks and blisters in a way that will allow for additional settling. That way, cracks and blisters will not reappear.



While not as common, stucco walls can get holes in them. Typically, this occurs if something heavy hits the stucco, but it can also happen from settling. Holes must be repaired immediately, since they leave an area of the wall exposed. That can lead to a great deal of structural damage. Along with repairing the hole, a good contractor will check for damage caused from the hole.




While some cracks, blisters and holes can be repaired individually, you can also resurface the stucco. This is the process of putting a new layer of stucco on the existing stucco surface. Resurfacing is a long term solution. It will make the wall more resistant to cracks, blisters, and holes so it will actually save you money in the long run. It will also ensure that the entire structure has a uniform look.With all of the options available, there is no reason to let your stucco walls fall into disrepair. Whether you want to seal a crack or resurface the entire structure, a professional stucco contractor can take care of the stucco repair job for you in no time at all.

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