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When creating a new masterpiece of a project, there are a lot of questions, pricing, scheduling, durability and maintenance; Stucco&Co, can sit down to give you budgetary pricing even before your project begins to have it comparable to other exterior products. We work very closely with builders and architects, answering questions and coming up with ideas before projects even starts so a surprise doesn’t come up half way during construction. This saves the project from extra costs, and makes sure the scheduling goes to plan.


Builder’s and Architect’s tend to like the versatility of EIFS products, and the low-cost maintenance it provides for years end. Maintenance costs are just as important to know for the long term investment of a property as is to knowing your building costs, and this is the great way we can work together and achieve a long lasting relationship thrue the bond of our knowledge in the EIFS sector.


Building Owners & Managers

Building Owners / Property Managers / Damages

Stucco and Co. has stuccoed dozens of condos, apartment buildings and strata properties over the past several years. If you are looking for an attractive, low maintenance, flexible solution for the exterior of your condominium project or strata property, then consider stucco. Stucco and Co. has the answers to your questions regarding durability, textures / colours, and water screening properties of stucco. A cost-effective solution, Stucco and Co.  has the experience you are looking for to complete the job quickly, on budget and to your complete satisfaction.

Overtime, the properties that are owned and managed do take a lot of stress, whether its mother nature, human traffic, or vehicles. You can have the weather drying up caulking which will over time reduce its capability to perform and will eventually allow water to sneak thru and get behind the stucco wall, which will start water damage by blistering the wall, this is a common problem we see day to day. It can be damaged caused by a person from graffiti or vandalism. Also other common damages are caused from vehicles backing up into corners, or hitch’s going thru the wall, these areas we strengthen by adding multiple layers of mesh to make it almost impenetrable.

Stucco and Co. is experienced with buildings of all sizes. Business owners have grown to trust us throughout the years to provide great service and quality workmanship. The Benefits of Stucco for Commercial Application; Stucco is used in a huge variety of applications for both residential and commercial projects in the GTA. It can be used to finish a "stone" wall or it can be used as an exterior finish on buildings. There are many benefits to using stucco for commercial buildings, and most of them come back to the convenience, versatility, and reasonable pricing of stucco. No matter what you are hoping to accomplish, you can probably create the look with a stucco commercial application.




Properties built several decades ago are either needing attention for cosmetics to bring the value up of the property to be able to keep current tenants happy and to bring in new potential tenants at a premium, or they have seen better days and you wish not to spend over the top prices to bring it back to life. This is where Stucco&Co comes in to make sure we can go over the entire project and come up with a solution that is suitable for the property and also your pocket. We take care of everything from A to Z so you deal with only 1 person and that’s it. 

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