Stucco & Co. is the outcome of years of trade experience, attention to customer satisfaction, quality control and perfectionist tendencies. We prefer quality over quantity and take great pride in every one of our projects, no matter the size how big or small. We create beautiful exteriors to match the beautiful interiors of our lovely clients. Stucco & Co, began as a jump into the entrepreneur life for two men who worked hard to learn and master their craft and later on shared this with people who appreciate their efforts, and therefor gaining the respect through their hard work and results. Here is how we became who we are today as Stucco & Co;  


Michael entered the stucco industry at a very young age in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He worked with prestigious  and well known construction companies all across Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto in all weather conditions, including in temperatures as low as -52 Celsius.  As he progressed and perfected the trade, it was then that he realized the people he was working with were taking shortcuts, and simply rushing through projects. Their goal was quantity oriented, rushing through jobs to make larger profits quicker. It was because of this realization that led Michael to want to part ways with the larger money hungry corporations and give his craft the time and respect it deserves. He begun by freelancing, taking on a lot of projects repairing exteriors, some of which included projects  previous work his previous employers. By providing the best quality to his now new clients with proper materials and EIFS systems, gaining their trust in the industry as someone honest, hardworking that doesn’t cut corners for any reason. Thus helping save peoples investments, such as their homes and commercial buildings. 


Lars, Michael's brother in law has a background in various construction fields, although he left the manufacturing industry after spending a greater portion of his career mastering his crafts. He took his life skills and experience and went to get a formal education in construction in Toronto, after seeing a decline in the manufacturing industry in Canada. Once he re entered the construction industry he worked for a number of large companies and smaller independent builders for several years. His main focus while doing so was in stucco and exterior work. The timing that these events happened turned out to be a blessing in disguise and was just what they needed to start their own path, leaving their current situations and embarking on their own venture. Michael left Saskatchewan's declining industry and moved to Toronto where business was picking up with the economy. These two forces colliding started a new chapter in stucco and modern exteriors in Toronto, calling in Stucco & Co.


We take great pride in the work we provide, we are responsible not only for the visuals of an establishment but the functionality and safety of it as well. We make sure to use the best quality materials alongside a love for what we do to construct something we can be proud to stand by for the years to come.   


The biggest problem in the stucco industry is people taking on work and giving out as piece work to other companies, which create issues like no management, quality control, incorrect use of materials or not using the best quality building materials, this of course creates problems for the client, the project and builder usually about 6 months after completion. At this point it is usually a lost war of finding the original contractors as they are not attainable or have changed their business name and numbers. The customers are left in the dark and their investment is at great risk of water damage and moisture leakage in their valued properties which can lead to mold and other severe damages.
At Stucco & Co. , we prevent this by only using our own crews, we don’t give piece work out to other companies no matter how big or small the project. Michael works on the site as well as supervises the crew and materials and Lars mainly handles the business side of the company, sales and estimations. This ensures everything is always in the control of Stucco & Co. This ensures the highest quality control, making sure things get done right and on time. If there are hurdles to jump, we don’t take the shortcut, which makes itself evident in the long run, we devise a solution right away. As for any damages due to natural disasters, or weather conditions we are always available to return to fix the problems, no questions asked, no hassle. You will always be in good company with Stucco & Co.

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